Vespucci Caffè

Caffè Vespucci born with the purpose of making a high quality product in respect of ancient italian tradition and to bring Italian Coffe in the world. In Vespucci Coffe tradition and innovation join together for an excellente result. First Italian city to import and roast the coffee was Venice because of their strong trade and cultural connections that , already in 1500, the city established with Middle Eat, especially with countries like Yemen, Ethiopia and Sudan, that are places in which coffee was born. Once in Venice, coffee become a real sharing moment, a pleasant moment of meeting and a real cultural phenomenon. In fact also Carlo Goldoni, the famous comedy writer, wrote “La Bottega del Caffè” describing everyday scenes of people meeting within differents coffee shop situated along the typical venetians “calle”.

In respect of all these millennnials tradition, we put in our products, all the passion of ancient coffee roasting shops together with a detailed study of new trends in coffee world. Our blend mix are made to satisfy different tastes and demands, starting from the more strong and intense coffee to a more delicate and sweet's one. Our roasting and production procedures keep the ancient methods, by combining tradition and innovation with the purpose of supply the best product. Our coffe can be enjoyed in beans, grinded coffee as well as pods and capsules compatible with the most available coffe machine on the market.

“Il caffè è il balsamo del cuore e dello spirito”

(Giuseppe Verdi)